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Dried Salted Kelp Strips Knots In China

Dried Salted Kelp Strips Knots In China

Some of the earliest evidence for human use of marine resources, coming from Middle Stone Age sites in South Africa, includes the harvesting of foods such as abalones,limpets, and mussels associated with kelp forest habitats.

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  • Kelp Seaweed 
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 Dried Salted Kelp

Origin Dalian
Shelf-life 36 months under cool & dry place
Storage In clean,cool,dry area; Keep away from strong,direct light.
Usage Healthcare products,Pharmaceutical raw material,extract raw material,cosmetic products
Delivery Time About 14 days after the payment confirmed
Package Type 10kg /Carton
General Requirements Material and workmanship are good quality and the product is prepared in accordance with HACCP proctices under strictly sanitary conditions to minimize the possibility of contamination during product manufacture


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2018 Chinese Factory Inteley Seafood Dried Salted Kelp

2018 Chinese Factory Inteley Seafood Dried Salted Kelp 


  1.Kelp contains rich calcium,can prevent and cure human body calcium deficiency.

   2.Alayer of mannitol s often attached to the kelp,modern scientific research has shown that mannitol can lower blood pressure, diuretic and reduce swelling.

    3.Laminaria Japonica contains a large number of polyunsaturated fatty acids,EPA,which can reduce the viscosity of blood and reduce vascular sclerosis.Therefore,eating kelp often can prevent cardiovascular diseases.

2018 Chinese Factory Inteley Seafood Dried Salted Kelp



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