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Wakame Eating Area Feb 01, 2018

American continent

Basically no habit of eating seaweed. In parts of the east coast, red algae such as carrageenan are ground into powder and mixed with peptone and fruit paste for patient consumption. In Canada, people will be made of powdered erythrocytes made of capsules, as a nutrient sold in the market to supplement vitamins, minerals deficiencies. In South America, in addition to vitamin supplements, seaweeds are also considered as important sources of protein such as dried algae with up to 42% protein and vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B content.

Northern Europe

Iceland and other countries eat seaweed and red algae in some areas. In some places, seaweed is mixed with flour and made into bread. In some areas, laver has been mixed with flue-cured tobacco and chewing gum in the past to chew in the mouth. Nowadays it is generally cooked with fish, milk and wheat, and in some places, Seaweed juice boiled with seaweed cream made of sesame oil in the market. In some parts of the Mediterranean seaweed soup as spices, the equivalent of Japan's jelly.


There are about 40 species of edible seaweed that are naturally distributed in the Korean peninsula, such as wakame. In South Korea, some Japanese do not like to eat seaweed such as spores, deserted, centipedes and algae, but local people like to eat; while Japanese like to eat antlers such as seaweed, jelly and other kelp, Koreans are not very edible. Now, seaweed cultivation in South Korea is also gradually developed, the production of seaweed almost reached half of Japan's total output. In addition, wakame market consumption is high, the average annual consumption of about twice the Japanese. Koreans also like to eat seaweed, but unlike the Japanese who value the smell of seaweed, like to mix with pepper, garlic, sesame oil and other consumption.

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