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Tofu Skin sushi tofu Jan 15, 2018

Tofu skin nutritional value and effectiveness

1, tofu skin nutritional value


Tofu skin is a high nutritional value of instant foods, it contains a lot of plant protein, there are a variety of sugar and some plant cellulose, the other potassium, calcium and iron and other trace elements is also the most important tofu skin exists, it Also easy to digest, easy to absorb the characteristics of normal diet can supplement a variety of human nutrition, to maintain the body's normal metabolism, improve physical fitness.

2, tofu skin can protect cardiovascular

Tofu skin on human cardiovascular and cerebrovascular also has a very good protective effect, which contains a lot of lecithin, this material into the body to prevent the aging of blood vessels, but also to speed up blood flow, thrombosis and myocardial ischemia and arteriosclerosis and other high Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have obvious preventive effect.

3, tofu skin can calcium

Tofu skin contains a lot of calcium, and it contains calcium can easily be absorbed and used by the body, can play a good role in calcium, calcium deficiency caused by humans due to osteoporosis and joint pain are good Ease the effect, while the tofu skin also contains a lot of isoflavones, this material can regulate the female endocrine, women can reduce the incidence of breast cancer after eating.

The proper consumption of soy products is indeed good for human health, but not much better. Tofu skin food taboo in the most important point is that should not be excessive consumption, excessive will endanger the health and promote renal failure, resulting in iodine deficiency, promote atherosclerosis formation, causing indigestion and so on.

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