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The Chopsticks Of The Korean Peninsula Apr 16, 2018

The Korean peninsula was the earliest area in East Asia where chopstick culture was introduced. For more than a thousand years, they divided the functions of tableware into smaller ones. Eating spoons, chopsticks for chopsticks, and habits of eating rice bowls were irregular behaviors ( They think that this is what they will do when they beg for food. And they cannot use their mouths to touch the rice bowl. Because of the chaotic relationship, in order to make the chopsticks more durable, the original wooden flat chopsticks were changed to stainless steel, which is both suitable for local diet and convenient for cleaning. Traditional Korean housing structure, the kitchen is just a place to cook, there is no space to eat here, used to eat food, chopsticks and dinner on the low table and then to their respective rooms, it is designed to move the flat chopsticks is not easy to roll. So their chopsticks are made of two flat pieces of metal called "젓가 락". The source language is the Chinese character “箸” pronounced “저” (jeo) and the intrinsic “가락” (garak (meaning bar)). The addition of "가 락 락" is due to the confluence of "저" and "져" in the standard language of the Korean language in the Middle Ages. The name of the chopsticks in some Korean dialects is still the monosyllabic "저".

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