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Octopus Salad Japanese Salad Jan 17, 2018

Octopus, belonging to the octopus Octopoda. The octopus has eight brachiopods, a large number of suction cups on the bracers and feet; black ink sometimes spouts to help escape. Some octopus has a well-developed brain, it can distinguish itself in the mirror. China's north-south coast are distributed. Fishing is divided into two seasons, spring March-May; autumn September-November. Our common octopus are:Octopusochellatus、Octopusvariabilis、Octopusvulgaris. In the Mediterranean, the East, and some other parts of the world, octopus has long been regarded as a delicacy.

A large octopus known as Octopus dofleini ruled the waters of the North Pacific from California to Japan.

This octopus is indeed very large: male Octopus average diameter of 3 meters, 25-30 kg weight: Female octopus less than 2.5 meters in diameter, weighing 15 kg. But no one knows for sure how long the octopus can grow and the oceans sometimes throw the giant octopus on the beach. But until 1957, people did not even think there would be such a big octopus in the sea. In 1957, a giant octopus ran aground on a beach in British Columbia, Canada, measuring 9.6 meters in diameter and weighing 272 kilos. Jim Cosgrove, who has been studying cephalopods for 25 years, believes only such a giant octopus exists in the waters off Canada's west coast. Where the mild climate and water rich food, to ensure that the octopus can grow into a huge body.

Octopus live alone from the date of birth. Small octopus can learn the skills needed in a very short period of time, and unlike most animals, the learning of small octopuses is not based on the teaching of elders. Small octopus alone predators, camouflage, looking for a better place to live. In addition, while parents inherit some of their abilities, in the face of new problems, they must also find their own answers to new problems. But in order to find the secret of new problems, octopus still need to learn for many years. However, octopus biggest misfortune is that their life expectancy beyond 3-5 years. Short-lived limit octopus access to knowledge opportunities, but also destroyed the octopus in-depth study of the idea. Asked if anything will happen if the octopus lives longer, Jim Cosgrove replied: "The octopus is likely to come to land and do some coverage of humanity!"

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