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Morphological Characteristics Of Undaria seaweed wakame Sep 19, 2017

Undaria also known as "sea mustard", "crony". Brown algae, wing alga branch. Algae Body

Brown-green, leaf high 1-2m, broad 50-100cm. The blade, the handle part, the fixed device. Leaves like plantain, middle ribs conspicuous, margin pinnately divided. The shank is flat cylindrical, and the edge of mature stalk forms many fungus-like folds of sporangia. There are mucous glands. Rhizoids forked branches. There are obvious unequal alternation. Born in a warm ocean. The north coast of China and Zhejiang Shengsi are distributed. The northern coast has been cultivated on a large scale. Edible and industrial raw materials

The spore body of the crony is yellow-brown, looks like the broken banana leaf fan, the high 1-2m, the wide 50-100mm, obviously divides into the solid device, the handle and the leaf blade three parts. The fixed device is a forked branch of the rhizoids composition, the end of the rhizoids slightly coarse, to solid on the Rock reef, the handle slightly longer, oblate shape, slightly uplifted in the middle, the middle of the blade with the extension of the center ribs, both sides of the formation of pinnate lobes. There are many small black spots on the leaves, which are the openings to the surface of the mucous gland cells.

The internal structure is similar to that of kelp, and at the sides of the growing spore body stalk, the spore leaves of the fungus-like overlapping folds form sporangia on the spore leaves at maturity. The life history of the crony is similar to that of kelp, is also generational alternating, but the spore growth time is shorter than the kelp, nearly a year (kelp growth nearly two years), and the growth time of the gametophyte is longer than the kelp, about 1 months (kelp gametophyte growth generally only two weeks).

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