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Jellyfish Salad Jan 11, 2018

Nutritional value

Jellyfish nutrition is extremely rich, according to the determination: per 100 grams of jellyfish protein 12.3 grams, 4 grams of carbohydrates, 182 mg of calcium, 132 micrograms of iodine and a variety of vitamins. Jellyfish or blindly cure medicine. Chinese medicine believes that jellyfish have detoxification, phlegm soft Kennedy, antihypertensive effect of antihypertensive. Processed products, said umbrella for those jellyfish skin, said the wrist were jellyfish head, its commodity value jellyfish head expensive in jellyfish.

Use food carefully

As early as the Ming Dynasty, fishermen had already learned that fresh jellyfish is toxic and must be salted with salt and alum. However, from ancient and modern times, fishermen in the seaside in southern Guangdong and Guangdong have been eating seafood delicacies, and people who are poisoned by jellyfish are not uncommon. In addition, jellyfish, like other seafood, is easily contaminated with bacteria such as halophilic bacteria, which cause bacterial food poisoning caused by cold jellyfish filaments. A hotel in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, there have been 73 people with food-borne jellyfish caused by food poisoning accident.

Summer season is prone to intestinal diseases and epidemic. Lesson learned, raw jellyfish wire should be carefully handled, the operation should pay attention to health, good anti-flies, dust, pollution prevention and other work, it is best shredded and then repeatedly washed with cold water in the net, dry to Prevent food poisoning.

How to buy jellyfish

Alum is the dehydrating agent that must be used in the processing of jellyfish alum, but too much alum can cause excessive aluminum residue. The food standard requires that the content of salted jellyfish alum should be 1.2% -2.2% To ensure product taste, improve product quality, extend product shelf life. Some producers will not fully deal with the two alum jellyfish products sold as finished products, this jellyfish skin appearance was translucent jelly-like, and soft crisp white Ma Tang-like, light squeeze squeeze by hand, there is liquid overflow; this Jellyfish head appearance was brown red, the center of a soft and white gel-like material, astringent, slippery, inedible.

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