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History Of Chopsticks Apr 16, 2018

The history of human use of chopsticks can be traced back 4,000 years ago. Whoever invented the chopsticks and when they were born, there are many legends in the history, but they are still unknown. The Chinese have seen chopsticks as a natural home-made product since ancient times. There are only a few records of their origin and development. According to the evidence provided by archaeology, the appearance of chopsticks was later than the spoonful. For the same reason, because people want to make certain tools to obtain hot cooked food, the invention of chopsticks has a direct relationship with the use and development of primitive agriculture and pottery. relationship. "Han Fei Yu Yu Zhi" Middle Ages chopsticks said. From the point of view of bamboo from the word, it can be proved that the earliest chopsticks in China are mostly wooden chopsticks and bamboo chopsticks. The abbreviation of 櫡 is 箸. In ancient times, it was common for people to cook and it was known that chopsticks are inseparable from boiling. Because of the earliest ancient cooking methods, meat was mostly baked, and dishes were cooked more often; chopsticks were first used to boil vegetables from boiled soup, so the name of ancient chopsticks was very appropriate. There are bamboo in chopsticks, wood, metal, ivory and plastic.

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