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Health Food-Undaria seaweed salad May 29, 2018

Healthy food_ wakame/undaria 

1, good breeding farm 

   Our company is the country wakame new varieties  production bases, Liaoning Province wakame breeding farm. Compared with ordinary wakame, zhanjia enterprises(Dalian) ltd monomer production increased by 40% every year, making the quality and yield of seaweed farming is more stable. 

 Undaria leaves type good, generous and full of spores leaves, vegetable body length and strong, Caigeng flat and wide, leaf thickness, good toughness, high yield, nutritional value to achieve the best value. 

2, healthy food 

 The breeding base is located in the junction of the Yellow Sea, countries have a most suitable wakame sea growth. Here, the low-temperature freezing, the water temperature is most suitable for the growth of wakame 2-5 ℃. Here, the water flow needs, water quality, water speed is more than three times the normal waters, swift currents brought pure water, sea water rapids, continue to impact the body stretching dish, so dish surface is smooth, strong toughness.  the company became the only one to get organic food certification wakame farming and processing enterprises. 

3, Humanbody need elements

   Wakame sea treasure card contains a dozen essential amino acids, vitamins, alginic acid, seaweed polysaccharides, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and other minerals, is called longevity dish! Better than terrestrial plants rich in dietary fiber, known as a beauty dish! Rich in soy protein than wheat, known as health food! 

4, popular in European market & Southeast Asia 

   Undaria will increase the body's required elements. and it can longevity dish, the more and more country's peple like to eat this kind of product,it's so easy to cook, dilicious, light taste ,tasty and refreshing,you can try to eat it, i believe that you love it sure every day. 

5, edible method easy 

 Undaria & Seaweed make methods varied & convenient:   mixed with cool dishes, soup, stew can also add instant noodles, snack-speed , tasty and healthy food.


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