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Chopsticks Featured In Various Countries Apr 16, 2018

The cultural circle of Chinese characters has always maintained the tradition of using chopsticks, but local chopsticks also have local characteristics and show different cultural characteristics. In addition to the use of chopsticks to eat, it has been widely used in folk customs such as weddings, funerals and celebrations.

The shape of Chinese chopsticks is mostly similar to a rectangular or cylindrical body, or the head round tail, only in the head slightly and tail separately, in recent years, pointed chopsticks have also become popular. Because bamboo grows faster and more widely, the use of bamboo chopsticks is high, and chopsticks made of precious materials such as traditional mahogany and ivory are also used.

Japan inherited China's inherent chopsticks and ingenuity to localize it. The chopsticks that are very popular in Japan, due to the island environment, are usually made of wood to facilitate the capture of fish bones. At the same time, there are many styles and lacquer styles. The name follows the Chinese ancient language “箸” (() and (hashi). Especially for the cooking of giant long chopsticks "cabbage", Taiwan is also common.

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