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Frozen Seasoned Seaweed Salad Supplier

Frozen Seasoned Seaweed Salad Supplier

Packing of Sushi Frozen Sesame Instant Seasoned Japanese Kosher Seaweed Salad Seafood Wholesaler


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Packing of Sushi Frozen Sesame Instant Seasoned Japanese Kosher Seaweed Salad Seafood Wholesaler
Inner Package: Vacuum bag, 500g/bag, 1kg/bag, 2kg/bag, 4/bundle,
Outer Package:
Carton or white plastic box
500g*20bags in one carton
1kg*12bags in one carton
2kg*1bag in plastic box, 4boxes in bundle
If you don't what this, we will load the suitable quantity as your requirements according to your country limit or laws.

1. Before sale
    a. You can ask any information about Gaishi food
    b. Our stuff will be online for 24 hours for you
    c. You can visit our factory and sales office if you want
    d. Sample offered for you
2. During selling
    a. You can get the most competitive price
    b. You can get the best quality
    c. You can get any information about Gashi food anytime anywhere
    d. You can feel our sincerity and trust
3. After sale
    a. You will get relatively the most profit from our product
    b. You will get more repeat business because of our products
    c. You will still get our service after selling
    d. You will get more discounts from us next time
    e. We will be friends and cooperate for long time

Q: Can you give me your favorable price?
A: We have more than 300 employees in our factory and we have
18 years exporting experiences, so we can show you our best price better than the other trade companies.
Q: Where are your main markets?
A: Our main markets are Japan, U.S., Germany, France, Spain, Russia and so on.
Q: What are your main products?
1. Seaweed Products: Seasoned Seaweed Salad, Roasted Sushi Nori, Salted Kuki Wakame, Dried Seaweed
2. Seasoned Delicacy seafood Products: Seasoned Capelin Roe, Seasoned Squid Salad, Seasoned Octopus Wasabi, Seasoned Jellyfish, Seasoned Crawfish Salad, Seasoned Crab Salad, Seasoned Scallop Wings.
3. Sushi Item: Ajitsuke Inari, Sushi Rice, Sushi Nori, Ajitsuke Kanpyo, Pickled Radish, Seasoned Lotus Root, Seasoned Menma, Seasoned Hijiki Salad, Seasoned Shiitake Slice, Frozen Udon Noodles, Fresh Udon Noodles, Sushi Ginger, Wasabi Powder and so on.
4. Mushrooms products: Canned Shiitake, Canned Oyster mushroom, Canned Nameko, Canned Mixed mushrooms, Salted mushrooms, mushrooms in brine, Frozen Mushrooms.

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