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  • Japanese Premium Wasabi Paste For Sushi Food

    Japanese Premium Wasabi Paste For Sushi Food

    Wasabi benefit is Heal Respiratory Disorders It has a strong effect on the upper nasal passage; its strong flavor can be felt in the nasal cavity. However, this is not without a cause, these are all isothiocyanates, which rise as vapors in your nasal cavity to relieve sinuses...

  • Japanese Wasabi Paste In Tube For Seafood

    Japanese Wasabi Paste In Tube For Seafood

    Wasabi Benefit is Cancer Prevention Cancer treatment is often thought to be more painful than the disease itself. It is a life-threatening condition that takes away a lot from the body. Learning about foods that contain sulfur-based compounds and adding them to your regular...

  • Halal Dipping Sauce Wasabi Paste

    Halal Dipping Sauce Wasabi Paste

    One way to determine whether the wasabi is real is the texture; real wasabi has a far smoother texture than the horseradish-mustard concoction. Wasabi flavor has a real kick to it and the spiciness is felt more in the nasal cavity than on the tongue.

  • Wasabi Sauce Wasabi Paste

    Wasabi Sauce Wasabi Paste

    The wasabi plant grows naturally alongside rivers in China, Japan, and Taiwan. It is considered to be one of the most difficult plants to cultivate because creating a natural environment for the plant can be daunting and frustratingly difficult. Wasabi actually isn’t spicy...

  • Wasabi Paste From China

    Wasabi Paste From China

    Wasabi, also known as Japanese horseradish, comes from the same family of plants as mustard, cabbage, and cauliflower and offers incredible health benefits. It has been highly regarded for its medicinal properties since ancient times, which includes improving the digestive,...

  • Newest Innovative Wasabi Paste From China

    Newest Innovative Wasabi Paste From China

    Whether slathered on a sub sandwich as a condiment, stirred into a cocktail sauce for seafood, or spooned as a dressing over meat or fish, horseradish is the go-to herb for pungent flavor. A member of the same family as mustard and radish, horseradish is an herbaceous...

  • Spicy Wasabi Power Japanese Food Paste

    Spicy Wasabi Power Japanese Food Paste

    Add zest to seafood, sashimi, salads, hot pot and other types of Japanese and Chinese dishes. Usually, wasabi is mixed with soy sauce as the marinade for sashimi

  • Top Quality Sauce Style Wasabi

    Top Quality Sauce Style Wasabi

    wasabi powder contains plentiful protein, Vitamine and nutritive substance. It is nutritious and healthy, and also has a strong affection on antibacterial effect. It restrains bacteria and virus. The special taste can counteract fishy smell in fresh foods

  • Halal Chili Wasabi Paste

    Halal Chili Wasabi Paste

    wasabi is used for sushi and we have different taste of products for your options. we also have a professional R&D department , they can meet your special requirement.

  • Wasabi (horseradis)powder Paste For Sushi

    Wasabi (horseradis)powder Paste For Sushi

    wasabi is export to supermarket and restaurants. We have small wasabi sachet too. The above is our current packing way. If you need more style; pls feel free to let us know. We provide OEM service and accept customer’s made to order.

  • China Grade A Wasabi Paste

    China Grade A Wasabi Paste

    WASABI PASTE Fights Fungal Infections Wasabi is a powerful agent against fungal infections, which includes yeast infection, fungal meningitis, tuberculosis, and flu. It also contains powerful antioxidants, which helps to restore the balance of healthy cells and tissues in...

  • Top Quality Halal Wasabi Paste

    Top Quality Halal Wasabi Paste

    WASABI PASTE Can Treat Eczema Eczema causes red, swollen, and itchy skin and there is no official cure for this condition, except for making dietary changes to minimize any outbreak. In 2009, researchers from Japan found that wasabi extract was an effective treatment for...

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