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Japanese Fish Sushi Soy Sauce

Japanese Fish Sushi Soy Sauce

Soy Sauce is bright red-brown color,it's non-gmo soy bean, wheat,water salt and Japanese high quality soy sauce strain


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  • Pallet packing(wood fixed , plastic film winding): 
    180ML / 200ML/500ML /1.6L / 2L / 2.5L /5L/10.5L for 
    Japanese fish sushi soy sauce for shrimp and crab dishes

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  • 15days

Product Name    Japanese fish sushi soy sauce for shrimp and crab dishes
Shape    Bottle
Color    Bright Red-brown Color  
Material    Non-GMO Soy Bean, Wheat, Water,Salt And Japanese High Quality Soy Sauce Strain
Fragrance    Salty And Fresh
Feature    Japanese style of high salt diluted state
Nutrient composition    Energy:352KJ/100ml,Raw protein:12.5g/100ml,Raw fat:0g /100ml,Carbohydrate:6.5g/100ml,Sodium:6100mg/ 100ml
Application    Suitable for shrimp and crab dishes
Sample    Free sample,Freight self payment

The full automatice intelligent fermentation equipment from japan is adopted to keep constant temperature fermentaion for more than 6 months and the tow salt fresh soy cauce sieht Japan flavor is brewed

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