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Salted Seaweed Frozen Kelp Laminaria Salad For Sale

Salted Seaweed Frozen Kelp Laminaria Salad For Sale

Select Dalian sea super fresh stem Undaria natural honey, modulation, taste brittle, fresh cool, fragrant mellow summer long, is on the table a good appetizer cold dish.From the nutritional value and medicinal value, especially in the prevention and treatment of hypertension, and has special effects in adult diseases.


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Salted Seaweed Frozen Kelp Laminaria Salad For Sale

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  • Package: 250G/plastic bag*20bags/CTN 
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    2KG/plastic box (inner package: plastic bag)

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Product name High Quality Salted Seaweed Frozen Kelp Laminaria Salad for sale
Brand Zhanjia Enterprises (Dalian) co., Ltd
Type Sole Japanese owned manufacture 
Raw material Middlle part of seaweed stalk harvested in a pollution-free shore of Dalian
Length 4CM
Main ingredient seaweed, agar-agar, sesame seed, sesame oil, Japanese tree mushroom, seasoning
Taste Sweet and sour
Storage Keep frozen under -18 degree
Certification HACCP, FDA, KOSHER, HALAL, ISO22000
Main market US, Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia, Middle-east, Japan

Wakame contains a variety of nutrients, according to a preliminary analysis of the crude protein content per hundred grams of dry goods
Enhance the flavor, seafood dishes 11.6g, refined fat 0.32g, sugar 37.81g, ash 18.93g, also contains a variety of vitamins, crude protein content is higher than that of kelp, kelp. Its taste is more than wakame is not only a kind of consumption economy and for the comprehensive utilization of brown algae, brown algae extraction acid.

The successive research, production on a large scale.

1. Compared with Shandong's stems, our stems are tender, fresher and softer. Shandong's stems are hard. 

2. Compared with Korean stem cuttings, our seasonings are healthier and will not add anything that is not up to standard.

3. Dalian is most suitable for the growth of wakame sea.

We have own breeding base and pick up seaweed and processing and cold storage from our factory.


Dalian is suitable for the growing up the seaweed. Dalian is located boundary in yellow sea and bohai sea. it's pollution-free sea water. 

Our company policy's is provide safe,reliable,healthy and delicious salted wakame to our 

society. top quality and super services.

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