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White And Pink Sweet Fresh Pickled Ginger Japanese Sushi

White And Pink Sweet Fresh Pickled Ginger Japanese Sushi

pickled ginger is different kinds of sushi; ginger can erase the flavor of your tongue and sterilize the fish bacteria. So when you eat the other flavor sushi; you will taste the original flavor and fresh of fish.


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Product Description

 1.Name: Pickled ginger

2. Appearance: natural/pink

 3. Drained weight: 1kg;

4. Liquid: 500g



Packaging & Shipping


We are specialized in sushi products exporting and for now we had built 9 manufacturing base. Our main production line are: seasoned wakame ,dried seaweed, roased seaweed ,soy sauce, sushi rice vinegar, wasabi powder/paste,etc products. Moreover, we can mix those products into one container and make OEM for your company to maximize benefit for your business.

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