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High Quality Pickled Ginger Slice

High Quality Pickled Ginger Slice

Ginger underground stems, on which can be indefinite roots and sprouts, it is called ginger buds. Ginger sprout and ginger is similar, with aroma of spicy, refreshing, appetizers promote food, when used as a vegetable spice can increase the flavor of the food, and promote appetite.


  • Product Details

Basic Info

  • Usage: Edible,Processing Type

  • Style: Pieces And Stems

  • Color: Pink or Natural

  • Package: 80g/Bottle, 200g/Bottle, 1kg Bag or as Your Demand

  • Specification: HACCP, ISO9001: 2000, Carton, Bag, Bottle, Barrel

  • Type: Pickled

  • Brand Name: OEM

  • Name: Ginger Slice

  • Export Markets: Global

  • Thickness: 0.8-1.1mm

  • Transport Package: 180g/Bottle, 200g/Bottle, 1kg Bag

  • Origin: Shandong, China

Product Description

Gari is a type of tsukemono (pickled vegetables). It is sweet, thinly sliced young ginger that has been marinated in a solution of sugar and vinegar. Young ginger is generally preferred for gari because of its tender flesh and natural sweetness. Gari is often served and eaten after sushi, and is sometimes called sushi ginger. There are different kinds of sushi; ginger can erase the flavor of your tongue and sterilize the fish bacteria. So when you eat the other flavor sushi; you will taste the original flavor and fresh of fish.

There are pink ginger and white ginger according to different needs.
 Match with sushi
  Ingredient: ginger, vinegar, salt, acid ect
  Shelf life: 18months
  Place of origin: China

Ginger Process:
Raw material --- Rinse & desalination --- picking --- rinsing again --- cut into cube --- rinse for three times --- choosing --- drained --- weighing --- bagging and adding liquid --- seal --- sterilization --- cooking --- wiping --- metal test --- warehouse

Natural sushi ginger, pink sushi ginger, red sushi ginger
Specification: Carton, bag, bottle, barrel.
Thickness: 0.8-1.1mm
Flavor: Sweet, sour, mild, etc. Different demand, different flavor
1kg/bag 10 bags/carton 1400cartons/20'fcl
200g*50bags/cartons 1400catons/20'fcl
100g*75bags/cartons 1400cartons/20'fcl
10*1000bags/cartons 1200cartins/20'fcl
Plastic bottle
100g*24bottle/carton 1900cartons/20'fcl
180g*24bottle/carton 1700cartons/20'fcl
280g*24bottle/carton 1700cartons/20'fcl
Glass bottle
100g*24bottle/carton 1900cartons/20'fcl
180g*24bottle/carton 1700cartons/20'fcl
20pounds/square barrel 1174square barrel/20'fcl
20pounds/aquare barrel 1342square barrel/20'fcl
20pounds/high barrel 1242high barrel/20'fcl

 Package 80g/bottle, 200g/bottle, 1kg bag or as your demand 
 Colour Pink, natural   
 Load port Qingdao   
  Lead time Within15 days after confirming the order

we have our own ginger farm and guarantee enough products and competitive price.


Our company policy's is provide safe,reliable,healthy and delicious pickled ginger to our 

society. top quality and super services.

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