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Nature Whole Salted Pickled Ginger Cube for Japanese Sushi

Nature Whole Salted Pickled Ginger Cube for Japanese Sushi

pickled ginger's Ingredients: tender ginger accessories: rock sugar white vinegar water, tender ginger cut thin slices of water for three hours, white vinegar, rock sugar boiled until the sugar melts, put it completely dry, add water to ginger, soak 24 hours ok


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Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details 1kg*10bag/carton and according to cunstomer's requirements


Pink color sweet and vinegar quality pickled sushi ginger, 

1)Taste: sweet


3)Delivery: timely



Product information


Raw material:made with tender ginger baby ginger

Thickness: 1.0mm

Color:natural and pink

Packaging: 1kg*10bag/carton,340g bottle,250g bottle or customized

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