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Bulk Package Pickled Ginger Slice

Bulk Package Pickled Ginger Slice

Slice the ecological ginger with skin into thin slices,the slices will be rinsed & desalination. then next step is picking inpurity. it will be rinsed three times. it's clear and good slice for everyone.


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    Buck package Pickled  Ginger Sliced

  packing: 1kgx10bags/ctn. 600cnts-880ctns/20'fcl

   Retrospective of ancient Chinese medical books, the earliest record of "Ginger" can be found in the famous doctor's record in the Spring and Autumn Period 2000 years ago. Ginger can go to simmer, breathe, stop vomiting, in addition to wind and heat, especially suitable for summer morning to eat: this kind of weather, the hot sun outside, the air conditioning blowing in the house, the cold, the coldest and hottest is also the easiest "Cold evil into the body."
Ginger tastes spicy, raw food is difficult to swallow, and it is difficult to insist on eating in the summer three or five hours. I chose to pickle sour-sweet Japanese sushi ginger and use it for breakfast.

      In summer, bacterial growth and reproduction are very active and it is easy to contaminate food and cause acute gastroenteritis. However, proper eating of ginger or brewing with dry ginger and tea boiling water can play a preventive and therapeutic role. Through research, scientists found that ginger can play a role in certain antibiotics, especially for Salmonella. Ginger also kills oral cavity pathogens and enteric pathogenic bacteria, and uses ginger water to treat bad breath and periodontitis.

Raw materials:
Process points:
1, the selection of materials: If there is fresh ginger just listed the best, not as full as possible to choose to deal with.
2, ginger processing:
Use ginger spoons and steel balls to remove ginger skin, leaving only ginger.
Cut the sheet or wipe it with a wipe tool.
3, pickled ginger container is washed, it is best to take the boiled water to boil it again, then take a high concentration of liquor boiled, disinfected to prevent deterioration.

There are many ways to eat ginger. For example, drink ginger soup, eat ginger porridge, put some ginger silk when cooking hot oil, stew, fry fish, add ginger slices, make flat food, and add ginger crush when filling the dumplings. Delicious, it also helps to wake up the stomach, refresh the body, promote appetite, help digestion and help the gastrointestinal absorption of nutrients

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