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Pickled Sushi Shouga Gari Ginger

Pickled Sushi Shouga Gari Ginger

pickled ginger is warmth, which enhances the ability of the body to resist disease and cold. It has the functions of warmth, excitement, sweating, vomiting and detoxification. After being attacked by snow, water and cold, It can improve the blood line, disperse the cold pathogen.


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 Pickled ginger white (5gx200x5)/ctn

Pickled ginger white 1kgx10bag/ctn

pickled ginger pink  1kgx10bags/ctn

pickled ginger (white not slice) 1kgx10bags/ctn

pickeld ginger beni shoga   1kgx10bags/ctn

Style: Pickled

Preservation Process: Vinegar

Processing Type Raw Ginger

Certification: FDA, GAP, HACCP, IFS, ISO, KOSHER, QS

Shelf Life: 18Monthes

Brand Name: OEM

Type: Ginger

Ginger underground stems, on which can be indefinite roots and sprouts, it is called ginger buds. Ginger sprout and ginger is similar, with aroma of spicy, refreshing, appetizers promote food, when used as a vegetable spice can increase the flavor of the food, and promote appetite.

Function effect:


1. ginger sprout is a ginger , contains many nutrients of ginger, but also has the function and function of ginger, that is, remove the cold, ginger bud can be made into ginger and ginger, there is a strong quest for cold effect.

2. ginger sprout have the characteristics of ginger, but also belong to the warm food, with the effect of spleen and stomach, spleen and stomach on the cold and cold foods caused by the cold stomach and summer air conditioning disease has a very good therapeutic effect.

3. Ginger consumption can prevent gastrointestinal diseases caused by fungal infections, but also kill a lot of fungi on the surface of the skin, with the role of prevention of infection.

we have our own ginger farm and guarantee enough products and competitive price.


Our company policy's is provide safe,reliable,healthy and delicious pickle ginger for all over the world.

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