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Wakame Anti-cancer Effect frozen seaweed wakame Feb 28, 2018

Speaking of wakame anti-cancer effect, would like to emphasize this is the anti-cancer effect of vitamin A. We knew long ago that night blindness is a problem if vitamin A is lacking. For example, when we first entered the cinema, initially because of the darkness can not see anything, but after a while, the eyes will gradually adapt to be able to find a seat, which is physiologically called coherence. And vitamin A is exactly what we have this light and dark adaptation function indispensable material. Recently, however, vitamin A has been valued by people as a vitamin that has an anti-cancer effect. In the past we only knew that vitamin A is an indispensable substance that promotes the normal division and maturation of skin and mucous cells. Without vitamin A, the skin becomes as rough as a shark skin. This is because the cells that divide in the stroma of the skin gradually become mature and mature and evolve into an abnormal phenomenon (also called keratinization of the skin) during the process of covering the stratum corneum of the skin surface. Experiments show that vitamin A not only has the function of keeping the normal division of cells, but also has the function of changing the precancerous state of the cell cancer to the normal state, thereby attracting great attention. However, it is regrettable that the body can not make a lot of use of vitamin A because vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, soluble in fat and insoluble in water and therefore can not be excreted together with urine as other water-soluble vitamins Is accumulated in the human body. If daily intake of large quantities, then prone to hypertensive symptoms, showing headache, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. People in order to effectively use the strengths of vitamin A and reduce its side effects, is taking a variety of ways to improve the study of vitamin A, but it has not been successful.

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