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Undaria Wakame Seaweed Jan 09, 2018

   Undaria wakame seaweed harvest season for January-March, generally after January 10, the body length of 70-80 cm, you can start harvesting, harvest the earlier, the more tender body, good quality, but the body is too small Harvesting early will affect the yield. Take the harvest began to harvest, about to reach the specifications of the first income, stay small to continue growing, can not cut off all the dishes. As the water temperature rises, the vegetable body grows up, and finally the rope can be harvested together. Harvest vegetables, the first in the water will be washed off the mud, there are bad tips to be removed in order to facilitate processing.


   Wakame is made from the middle part of seaweed stalk harvested in a pollution-free shore of Dalian.the seaweed stalk is carefully picked,threaded,cut and strict following the Japanese standard procedure.The seaweed is fast-frozen in a bacteria-free antiseptic,antistaling and preservatives,but rich in calcium,iodine and other beneficial minerals.it's a health delicacy for human being.

 Advantage of Dalian wakame 

1. Compared with Shandong's stems, our stems are tender, fresher and softer. Shandong's stems are hard. 

2. Compared with Korean stem cuttings, our seasonings are healthier and will not add anything that is not up to standard.

3. Dalian is most suitable for the growth of wakame sea.

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