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Undaria Edible Value Sep 19, 2017

Food fiber with the adsorption of cholesterol and excreted in vitro special functions, if the plant fiber content of beans, vegetables, mushrooms and other mixed together to eat, will further strengthen the function of food fiber. Soy contains a large number of proteins that can strengthen blood vessels, but these proteins can inhibit the effective absorption of iodine, and iodine is the essential ingredient for the synthesis of thyroid hormones. Therefore, if you eat rich in iodine content of the crony dishes, will receive good iodine supplementation effect.

In addition, some body color blue fish in the body, containing the prevention of thrombotic fatty acids, sea fish shellfish in the body contains a large number of minerals and effective substances to reduce blood pressure. If you eat these fish and shellfish together with Undaria, you can greatly improve the efficacy of your crony dishes.

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