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Undaria Sep 19, 2017

Undaria brown algae door, cinnamon outline, kelp head, wing algae branch, the genus of crony. Algae-like plants, leaves green pinnate lobes, leaves than kelp thin, the shape of the big Quian, also like crony, so take its name. Undaria in the Chinese song of the "Materia Medica" called the Swiss reached, the sound into a crony dish. Split dry, salty dry two kinds. The crony is seaweed of kelp plants of the seaweed, known as the sea vegetables.

In addition to natural reproduction, has begun to artificially cultured. Lushun natural growth of the nepotism, because of its strategic location, the best quality, selected Undaria its nutrition can be comparable with Spirulina, Japan called it "natural spirulina."