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Tofu Skin Calories Feb 05, 2018

 Tofu skin calories (100g edible part) is 409 kcal (1711 kJ).

Per 100 grams of tofu skin heat about the Chinese Nutrition Society recommended ordinary adults to maintain healthy daily intake of 18% of the total calories required.

Many people like to eat tofu skin, tofu skin because of its high nutritional value, inexpensive, and easy to eat, the method is also varied.

Tofu skin rich in nutritional value, which is rich in high-quality protein, nutritional value is relatively high. Tofu skin contains a lot of lecithin to prevent hardening of the arteries to prevent cardiovascular disease and protect the heart. In addition, also contains a variety of minerals, calcium supplement, to prevent osteoporosis caused by calcium deficiency, often eat can promote bone development, children, the elderly are extremely beneficial bone growth

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