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The Nutritional Value Of Sushi Nori yaki nori Jan 08, 2018

   Sushi Nori: seaweed baked crisp texture, the entrance that is, especially after seasoning, add oil, salt and other spices, it transformed into a particularly delicious "seaweed." Seaweed concentrated seaweed which B vitamins, especially riboflavin and niacin content is very rich, there are a lot of vitamin A and vitamin E, and a small amount of vitamin C. Seaweed contains about 15% of minerals, which are necessary to maintain normal physiological function.


    1. Nutritious, high iodine content, can be used for the treatment of iodine-induced "goiter," Endometriosis function, also have other purposes Yu block;

    2. Rich in choline and calcium, iron, can enhance memory, treatment of maternal and child anemia, promote bone and tooth growth and health; contains a certain amount of mannitol, can be used as a supplementary food for the treatment of edema;

    3. Contains the polysaccharide has significantly enhanced cellular and humoral immune function, can promote lymphocyte transformation, improve the body's immunity; can significantly reduce the total content of serum cholesterol;

    4.The seaweed contained phycobiliprotein has the hypoglycemic, anti-tumor application prospects, including polysaccharides with anti-aging, lipid-lowering, anti-tumor and many other biological activity. Active ingredient on Ehrlich's cancer inhibition rate of 53.2%, contribute to the prevention and treatment of brain tumors, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, malignant lymphoma and other tumors.

    5.Alginate contained in seaweed, but also help to remove the body of toxic metals such as strontium and cadmium. In addition, seaweed can prevent and treat peptic ulcer, anti-aging, to help women keep the skin's lubrication health.

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