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The Benefit Of Choosing Disposable Bamboo Chopsticks Jan 23, 2018

What is the benefit of choosing disposable bamboo chopsticks?

 It is a waste of disposable chopsticks and spoils the environment. That is because the previous one-time chopsticks are all made of wood, so they need to cut a lot of trees and bring harm to the Chinese environment. Bamboo chopsticks are not. Bamboo chopsticks are made of bamboo, three to five years to give birth to a crop, abundant resources do not say, but also to promote local economic development. In addition, the choice of disposable chopsticks also has the following advantages:

The first cost savings, the second chopsticks can also be used after the fire, do not buy another timber. As a cheap one-time chopsticks loyal consumer groups snack stalls, in addition to the reasons for the selection of the market all the disposable chopsticks, the more important is its "cheap."

Third, disposable chopsticks easy to use, clean and sanitary, low cost, high yield, to avoid the spread of the disease, so more health.

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