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Soy Sauce sushi soy sauce Jan 22, 2018

The effectiveness and role of soy sauce

1. Increase appetite

Adding a certain amount of soy sauce when cooking food can increase the flavor of the food and make it more appealing in color to enhance appetite.

2. Anti-cancer

Soy sauce is the main raw material of soybeans, soybeans and their products due to the rich in minerals such as selenium and anti-cancer effect.

3.Reduce cholesterol

Soy sauce contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, can reduce the body's cholesterol, reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease, and can reduce the damage of free radicals on the human body.

4. Antipruritic swelling

Soy sauce can be used for water, fire burns and bee, mosquito and other insects stings, and itching swelling

Soy sauce purchase

When buying soy sauce, we must first carefully check the quality indicators of soy sauce, grade, color, quality soy sauce should be reddish brown color, brown, shiny and black hair; then shaken soy sauce bottles, soy sauce will shake up a lot of good Of the bubble, not easy to disperse, at the same time check the speed of soy sauce flowing down the bottle wall speed, high-quality soy sauce due to the high concentration, viscosity, slow flow, poor low-concentration soy sauce, like water flow faster, There should be sediment or dye.

But also close the bottle smells, good soy sauce often has a strong sauce flavor, tastes delicious, and low quality soy sauce shaking only a small amount of foam, and easy to disperse, smell caramel-like smell shares, taste it Some bitter.

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