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Seasoned Scallop Wings Salad seaweed salad Jan 10, 2018

Scallops nutritional value:

Scallops generally do not show up when the water ebbs and tide, so fishing it is more troublesome. 

In China's coastal areas, the fishing scallops are mainly in the north and are best known in both places, namely dongzhudao, a little north of Shidao, Shandong Province and Changshan Islands, Changhai County, Liaoning Province.

Scallops shells colorful, ribs neat appearance, making shell carving crafts is a good material. People who travel to the beach, travel or recuperate love collecting shells of scallops as souvenirs to friends. Scallops taste delicious, nutritious, and sea cucumber, abalone par, tied for the seafood in the three treasures. The scallop's closed muscle is well developed and is the main raw material used to make scallops. China since the 1970s, successively in Shandong, Liaoning coastal artificial breeding scallops. Artificially cultured scallops, scallops can shorten the maturation period, high yield, harvest is also more convenient.

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