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How To Make California Roll?yaki nori sushi nori Mar 06, 2018

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  • 1.Cover a bamboo mat with clingfilm/plastic wrap to stop the sushi rice sticking to the work surface.Put the bamboo mat on a clean, level work surface. the position a sheet of nori(rough side up) at the front of the mat.

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  • Wet your hands in  a little water to stop the rice sticking . Take an apple-sized amount of sushi rice and spread it evenly over the nori. The nori should be completely covered by the sushi rice.

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  • 2.Sprinkle toasted sesame seeds over the sushi rice.the turn the nori and rice over together carefully. using the mat to help you.

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  • 3.Lay your chosen  fillings neatly down the centre of the nori in neat layers one on top of another.4.JPG

  • 4.Start rolling-hold the  bamboo mat  and nori with rice and fold the near edge of nori over tightly. leaving about 1.5 cm inch clear at the other end of the nori. Check the  fillings in the centre of the roll are straight . then press the rice along the bamboo mat. 

  • 5.JPG

  • 5. Unroll the mat. leaving you with a perfect  sushi roll!

  • 6.Wipe off a large sharp knife with a wet  towel (which helps to  cut cleanly ). and cut the roll in half widthways in the middle.Line the two halves one beside the other. Cut the two halves into four pieces. making 8 portions in total and serve on a plate with  your chosen garnish.

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