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Grey Dry Undaria Sep 19, 2017

This is about 150 years ago, about the end of the Edo era, in the four countries in the Ming gate area of the invention of drying Undaria processing typical method. On both sides of the harvested fresh-edged vegetables are coated with grass and ashes, and the sun shines on the beach for about two days, this kind of vegetation ash contains alkaline effect, can make undaria algae body maintain unique green color and long-term unchanged, to the listing of trafficking with fresh water to wash off the vegetation ash, and then hanging on the rope to dry into thin strips, also known as "Ming door stripe Crony lai ”。 In the Meiji era, grey-dried crony dishes were the best aquatic products to be treated as valuable commodities before the war. Ash dry Undaria water wash off vegetation ashes, soak in water for 5 minutes-10 minutes can be stretched out, is a representative of the four regions are well-known products, not only the algae body color bright, and the blade resilient, good taste, with a unique flavor by the consumer welcome.

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