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Dried Wakame Jan 30, 2018

Wakame seaweed purpose A kind of temperate seaweed, wakame, kelp, seaweed is the three major types of seaweed edible, of which wakame due to contain the most nutrients, can prevent and cure a variety of diseases, and is a pollution-free green food, so Known as the "king of seaweed" and "sea vegetables."

Wakame In the Chinese Song Dynasty, "Materia Medica" said onychomycosis, the sound into a wakame. In addition, the leaves of seaweed for feathered cracking, but also very like the skirt, hence the name. Undaria pinnatifida is a seaweed plant, annual, yellowish brown, 1-2m high, 50-100cm wide, leaf-green plume lobes, leaves thin than the seaweed, shaped like a large broken sunflower fan, also like the crony, so take its name. Light dry, two kinds of salty.

China's natural growth of wakame mainly distributed in Dalian, in fact, was the early transplant from North Korea and Japan over.

   New wakame was harvested from our breeding base on 23rd of January 2018.

   New Dried wakame will be processed in the middle of March or April 2018



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