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Wakame contains essential minerals for human health Feb 28, 2018

Despite the differences between humans and animals, the energy they can survive on depends on the three nutrients they consume, namely sugars, fats and proteins. But does it mean that the survival of human beings with only these three major nutrients is enough? In fact, animals can not survive if they rely solely on the three major nutrients. The reason is that a variety of chemical reactions are required in the body to maintain life activities using nutrients and very small amounts of special substances are required for this chemical reaction to be effective Participation, and these trace elements mainly include vitamins and minerals.

In order to ensure adequate intake of minerals, what kind of food should be consumed in daily life? The first recommendation should be kelp and other seaweed. Commonly referred to as "sea vegetables," seaweed is the biggest difference between plants on land because it absorbs a large amount of nutrients in the sea, and the oceans are the most potent treasures of minerals. Therefore, to enrich the mineral nutrition cultivated wakame, is the most ideal mineral source for modern people.

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