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Tofu skin Feb 05, 2018

Tofu skin has a long history, famous yaer. Fresh tofu skin with incense, alcohol, sweet, tough, cooked cooked, long time to cook, easy to eat and so on, is a high-protein low-fat green food. Tofu skin is the main ingredient in cooking. China is an ancient civilized country with a long history of thousands of years. Chinese cuisine is also unique and fragrant all over the world. Tofu peculiar sweet, light, flat, Qingfei Yangwei, cough, sweating effect, attending Hyperactivity cough, constipation embolism. Tofu skin and spleen Stomach, thirst quenching and annoying rice and rock sugar together boiled porridge, with Qi laxative, the birth control tire, slipping the role of birth. Maternal prenatal consumption, can make the fetus easy to produce, shorten the labor process, maternal prenatal care to share.