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sushi pickled ginger Jan 16, 2018

October-December stem and leaf harvest. Dig roots, remove the stems and leaves, fibrous roots

Before storage, should be thinly selected ginger spread, drying 1-2 days, evaporated ginger surface moisture, in order to facilitate storage.

Cellar storage method: Choose a low groundwater level, good drainage, strong soil digging cellar.

Box storage method: brick in the interior made of car frame, about 1.5 meters high. After building, carefully put ginger carefully selected into it, covered with straw curtain or sack above. The general temperature to be controlled between 18-20 ℃. When the temperature drops, can increase the cover insulation; if the temperature is too high, can reduce the cooling of the cover cooling.

No matter what kind of storage method, master storage temperature and humidity are the most critical. Ginger suitable storage temperature of 10-15 ℃, less than 10 ℃ ginger block vulnerable to freezing, frozen ginger block after warming and perishable; if the temperature is too high, ginger rot and other diseases spread, decay will be more serious . Storage appropriate relative humidity of 90-95%, if the humidity is too large, conducive to the propagation of bacteria cause corruption; if the humidity is too small, it will cause loss of water ginger, dry shrinkage, reduce the quality of fresh. At the same time, we should always check whether the decay of ginger, if found ginger, ginger must be quickly removed and sprinkled with quicklime for disinfection.

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