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Soy sauce According to color Sep 19, 2017

1. Raw Smoking

Color: The raw color is lighter, reddish brown.

Taste: The raw smoking is used for the general cooking, the raw and the taste is more salty.

Use: raw and smoked for seasoning, because the color is light, so do general cooking or cold dishes when used more.

Production: soy sauce is a variety of soy sauce, soybeans, flour as the main raw materials, artificial access to the species of Koji, by natural dew, fermentation. Its product color is ruddy, the taste is delicious coordinated, the black bean flavor is rich, the posture is clear and transparent, the flavor is unique.

2. Old Smoking

Color: The old smoke is added to caramel color, very deep, brownish-brown luster.

Taste: After eating the old mouth, there is a delicious taste of the micro-sweet.

Use: Commonly used for coloring food. For example, it is better to use a dish that needs to be painted in soy sauce.

Old smoke production: Old soy sauce is on the basis of soy sauce, caramel color through a special process made of thick-colored soy sauce.