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Seaweed with fried potatoes chips wakame kelp Nov 08, 2017

Seaweed with fried potato chips 

Ingredients: seaweed, potatoes, green and red bell pepper ,green onions,ginger,garlic,soy sauce,coriander salt,cooking oil.


1. Potato slashing the skin, cut into slices,washed the potatoes again to remove the starch,then the potatoes was put to pot of the hot water to cook 5 minutes,it will be washed by cool water again. 

2. Wakame will be soaked into the water 9 to 10 minutes, washed it again and again, cut into strips.

3 green and red bell peppers,onions,ginger,coriander will be washed, cut into slices. 

4. Wok will be placed on the proper amount of oil to heat, put proper amount garlic,ginger,onion, a little of soy sause, stir them together, then put the potatoes to cook 2 minutes, put the seaweed and proper water together. after 10 minutes put coriander,onions, red pepper again to increase waste and good colour.

  The delicious seaweed and fried potatoes chips will be shown you,  It's perfect, I love my life every day

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