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prevention of bamboo chopsticks become curved Jan 23, 2018

Prevention of bamboo chopsticks can be so curved to save

First, wash chopsticks faster, can not be immersed in water for too long, or easily lead to chopsticks bending.

Second, you can not put the chopsticks directly into the airtight cage after washing, which will cause the water on the chopsticks to accumulate in the cage, resulting in unhygienic chopsticks and half chopsticks bending.

In addition, the chopsticks disinfection, you can not just wash the chopsticks directly into the disinfection box, it will not only extend the disinfection of chopsticks time, but also make chopsticks deformation too fast. Chopsticks should be dried and then into the disinfection box, so fast disinfection chopsticks, but also to save energy.

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