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Premium wakame egg drop soup dried wakame seaweed Nov 03, 2017

Wakame egg drop soup is so easy to cook. everyone can do very well.

   Method of make wakame egg drop soup:

    Ingredients:Wakame dry leaves 20g,1 egg ,salt and green onion small amount.

  Processing as below:

    1.Wakame dry leaves marinate 10 minutes

    2. The pot into the amount of water, put marinate crony leaves to boil.

    3. Then put into the egg, fire to  boil, sprinkle chopped green onion.

  According to your habit,you may put small amount ginger,caraway.

    the soup is delicious in taste,light diet,health ,nutrishment for you and me.

    I hope that you can cook it every week. stay good habit. 

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