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Making method of pickled ginger sushi ginger Sep 19, 2017

1. Buy ginger, must buy special tender, can buy fine bud tender ginger best.

2. Rinse and dry the ginger before curing.

3. Cut ginger into slices, can be thinner a little better.

4. According to 10 kilograms of ginger 42 salt ratio, the salt and ginger slices mix, to mix more evenly.

5. Marinate for 2-3 hours after the marinade is already available, remove the ginger piece and drain it with gauze.

6. Drain a bottle of ginger Bottle seal, which first put some sugar, to be used. Eat this bottle first. After eating, the second bottle of sugar, to be used. So。 This step should pay special attention to must be sealed well, can use pickle altar better. Otherwise, see the air to mold.

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