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How to stew seaweed with tofu dried wakame seaweed Nov 10, 2017

Htew seaweed with tofu

Ingredients: whole trees leaf wakame, tofu, carrot ,miso, other vice ingredients:green onion,ginger,red pepper,salt


1.Whole trees leaf wakame will be washed,cut it for slices,only cook it for 15 minutes,cold water soaked 2 minutes,diced tofu,carrot slices. 

2, Pot add water, boil the water, put a little of ginger and the miso, the miso-opening,boil again. 

3, Put tofu into pot, boil again.  

4, Put wakame into the pot to cook,boil again.  

5, Stew them for 5 minutes,  wakame will be stretched for you , then carrots can be cut into the pan. last point. they will be stewed for 5 minutes.then put a little salt.

6.Put green onion & red pepper and coriander before use it. one delicious dish will be shown you.

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