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how to make tofu skin sushi tofu Jan 15, 2018

Production Method:

Use thick soy milk, into the pan, the attention should not be heated when boiling, milk in the pot on the surface layer of membrane produced, with bamboo sticks and other tools properly remove and make it slowly dry, but also did not dry Cook it for food. This film will be removed after the pan will produce a film, continue to remove, so repeated, the concentration of milk will gradually thin, to be properly supplemented.

Tofu skin production technology

1. Select the year soybeans, pick clean sieve. Broken with a crusher to remove the bean skin or 2-4.

2. The broken beans washed twice, fishing to the bean skin, put in 25 ℃ water soak 4 hours.

3. Put the beans in the refiner or stone mill, while grinding and add water, 0.5 kg of soybeans plus 4 kg of water, grinding twice, can not be too fine grinding, can be twisted into small particles with fingers is appropriate.

4. Separate the bean dregs and the pulp with the separator. Separator filter 箩 80-90 mesh. In rural areas, available tofu with water tofu filter cloth, filtered and boiled pulp, temperature control at 93t or so.

5. Divide the 2-meter-long, 1.5-meter-wide and 15-cm-high pans into 6 squares with wooden strips. Bottom of the warm air, so that the bottom temperature is maintained at 70 ~ 90 ~ C, the cooked soy milk poured into the pot, 3-5 minutes, the grid can crust, to be skin wrinkles, you can expose skin. Followed by each small box inside the skin Jie End. A pot of milk can expose more than 10 times, can produce 4 kg -5 kg tofu skin.

6. Wet the skin hanging in the drying room, quickly drying, tofu skin most avoid outdoor drying, after drying can be packaged.

2. Spicy tofu skin processing

3. Spicy tofu skin is a by-product of soybeans after the oil as raw material and then mixed with paprika, pepper, salt, MSG and other processed foods. Its nutrient-rich, unique taste, good market, and production equipment is simple, raw materials readily available, little investment, easy to start. Now its processing methods are as follows:

Selection of raw materials to choose fresh tofu skin no smell no smell good color. To avoid buying adulterated paprika, you can choose a good red dried chili, crushed into chili powder.

Molding According to the actual situation, the product can be designed into a variety of styles:

1, tofu skin can be cut into small pieces, to be finished into finished products into a number of packets;

2, cut into strips, about 10 cm × 20 cm;

3, the cylindrical tofu skin cut into a long strip from the side, and then like a roll of kelp like rolled up from one end, rolled into a number of 5.5 cm diameter reel, with a toothpick skewer from the broken into , Stick in the end, toothpicks dew on both sides of the outside, along the fracture every 1 cm stick a toothpick. After a good cut with a knife from the toothpick and toothpick between the cut off, so that it becomes a piece of round tofu skin.

Salted Add 6-7 kg of salt to 50 kg of boiling water, stir and dissolve, then cool. The tofu peel made into the cooled saline immersed about 2 hours, you can remove and drain.

Frying pan into the oil after boiling, the dried tofu skin Pizi into the pan, fried until the tofu skin up, as brown or brown pickled fish out.

Seasoning every 10 kg of tofu skin, available 1 kg of chili powder, pepper 0.6 kg, sesame oil 0.5 kg, 2 kg of soy sauce, Shaoxing wine (no Shaoxu available rice wine) 0.5 kg, 0.1 kg MSG add cold water and mix thoroughly, evenly Spray on the fried tofu skin, and then sprinkle with paprika and pepper powder, mix well,

Serve products.

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