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Frozen seasoned squid salad Dec 15, 2017

    Frozen seasoned squid salad is made from a pollution-free shore of Dalian. It's using a Japanese standard  procedure, squid is fast-frozen in a bacteria-free environment after seasoning.the final products is free of antispetic,antistaling and preservatives.

   Frozen seasoned squid salad is a population foods for all over the world. it's nutrition,delicious,taste good for everyone.

    Supply safe,reliable and healthy squid to the society by virtue of advance technology,top quality and perfect servive.


    Regarding the favorable price .

  We have more than 200 employees in our factory and we have

almost 10 years exporting experiences , so we can show you our best price better for your market.

   How can I trust the quality of your product ?

   We are very proud of our R&D sub-centers due to they have won 10 national patent technology and with our innovative spirit , we have independently developed more than 100 kinds of products .

    Where is your main market ?

   Actually we have been exporting our product to all over the world , but our main customers are mostly from the developed market ,like Japan , U.S. ,Germany ,France ,Spain , Russia and so on .

     How could you guarantee your raw material is better than the other supplier ?

    We have a professional team who specialize in purchasing

every raw materials in seasonal .        

Please send your enquiry, we will surely give you best price.

company E-mail: info@dlzhanjia.com


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