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Dried wakame method of eating seaweed wakame Dec 27, 2017

The edible method of dried seaweed:We will dried wakame with warm water 5 minutes can gain weight 15 times,then adjust it according to different tastes.But remember, in the process of conditioning, the heating time is not too long,otherwise, wakame too rotten, it'll affect the taste.

1.make soup:put after soaking the wakame into the soup,mix the soup evenly.

2.Noodle ingredients (can replace vegetables).

3.Cold dish:soaked wakame can be used as a salad ingredients

4.Cooking ingredients: dish after soaked wakame into the pot, stir pan can be eaten.

Of course, there are many conditioning methods, each of us can according to their favorite taste to practice.

It only takes 5 grams per day, and your health will be with you!

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