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High Quality Good Price Sushi Seasoned Tofu Products

High Quality Good Price Sushi Seasoned Tofu Products

Tofu skin is from pale yellow to gold, glossy in appearance; The texture is fine, the flexibility is good, the long cooking does not melt; Fresh and tender, tender and tender.


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  • Packaging Details

  • Conventional packing:tofu skins of a pack of 500 grams, bean curd stick a pack of 400 grams. 
    can according to the requirements of buyers, the custom packaging.


Ajitsuke Inariage seasoned tofu

Product   name:

Ajitsuke Seasoned   Tofu, Inari Sushi Tofu, Inari Seasoned Tofu,


Fried   Tofu, seasoned for Sushi


Tofu,   sugar, sauce, salt, seasoning

or as   customer's request.




Seasoned   Pickled


8x4cm   (60pcs) or 8x6cm (40 pcs)


1000g   (60 pcs or 40 pcs) or as customer's request




Inner   Package:

vaccum   bag


Outer   Package:


1000g*10bags   in one carton

Shelf   Life:

24   months


Keep   frozen at -18 degree


Ideal   for Japanese Sushi restaurant

Main   Market:

Japan,Asia,   Europe, North America, South America, Middle-east

It contains more than 40 percent protein, twice the amount of beef, and 6 times rice, which is a high-protein health food for both men and women. There is a variety of bean curd. Before cooking, with warm water first egg infiltration for a moment, will be cut into filaments and block, reoccupy light salt water for 15 to 30 minutes, after rinse 1-2 times, blanch in boiling water after cooling, and then according to the predator, or cooking, or Fried Fried, or cold.

Process flow:
Soyabean (soybean), panning (wash), soaking (water), ground (water), pulp (water), peeling, peeling, drying, and packaging.

Craft points:
(1) screening: to remove musty beans and impurities, such as musty, uncooked, raw bud.
(2) soaking: soaking in room temperature, soaking in spring and autumn. Summer soak time 6h to 8h; Winter soak time 8h to 10h. Soaking in soy is not hard.
(3) grout: soybeans and water are 1:7. The concentration of soybean milk is 7 ~ 8 degrees.
(4) boiled pulp: adopt steam spray or modern technology way of continuous boiling juice, boiled pulp temperature 95 ℃ to 100 ℃, maintaining time of 3 to 5 minutes, soya-bean milk protein 3.6% to 3.8%, boiled pulp to soymilk fully cooked and the smell of soybean. First, the pulp is boiled.
(5) filter pulp: filter bean paste, remove scum, filter 150 to 200.
(6) jie skin: soya-bean milk to fully cover the pot advisable, in forming the pot heating and temperature control at 80 ℃ + 3 ℃ and 25 minutes to lift a tofu skin, repeated operation until finished the soymilk in the molding.
(7) forming: a piece of bean curd that will be made from a piece of paper (shredded and knotted).
(8) dry: dry to less than 10% of moisture in a dry, sunny air.

Quality characteristics
Sensory features: pale yellow to gold, glossy in appearance; The texture is fine, the flexibility is good, the long cooking does not melt; Fresh and tender, tender and tender.
Physical and chemical indexes: the protein content is greater than 42%, the fat content is greater than 18%, and the moisture content is less than 10%.
Safety and other quality technical requirements: product safety and other quality technical requirements must comply with the relevant state regulations.


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